Apps Like Pinterest to Save, Share, and Discover Images


If you’re looking for a way to save, share, and discover images, then you may have considered using an apps like Pinterest. These sites are popular among social media users, and they’re also great for sharing images. These apps let you search by category and sort them by year or date. You can even use these apps to share images with friends and family!

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We Heart It is an app similar to Pinterest and features a feed of thumbnail images and collections similar to Pinterest’s “boards.” Users can heart images by tapping the heart icon, and this action will add them to their collection. Unlike Pinterest, however, We Heart It’s emphasis is more on the image itself, rather than its source.

The WeHeartIt app allows users to share images that inspire them. Users often post reactions to newsworthy events or news events. Like Pinterest, WeHeartIt is more likely to appeal to younger users than it does to older ones. According to a report from May, Pinterest has 53 million unique users, while WeHeartIt is growing at a rate of about one million active users per month.

The social network was founded on the idea that an image can speak a thousand words. It also allows users to post animated images. While it has many similarities to Pinterest, WeHeartIt focuses more on images and gifs. This makes the app a great resource for designers and other creative types.

The WeHeartIt app is a photo sharing site where users can view and share photos from around the world. Users can also share their own pictures, and browse user dashboards to find their favorites. The WeHeartIt app is a great way to share beautiful pictures with friends and family.

It is also a great way to market your business. Besides allowing users to share images of things they love, it also enables businesses to post how-to instructographics, create how-to videos, and share content with customers. The app is also useful for product launches, new website launches, and event promotions.

If you spend a lot of time on Pinterest, you might want to check out some other similar apps. You may find one that suits your needs and interests better. There are plenty of apps that can help you keep track of all of your favorite collections. You can also use other apps like Pinterest to find new sources of inspiration.


PearlTrees is an app like pinterest in that it lets you organize your collections. It also lets you discover other collections similar to yours. Once you’ve started creating your collection, the app will automatically inform you of similar content. You can also share your collection with other users using circles.

Like Pinterest, Pearltrees allows you to save web content and organize it into collections. The app will show you other users who share the same interests and help you get in touch with them. It also has a handy browser extension to make sharing your collection easier. Once you’ve saved something, you can share it with anyone else with an easy-to-use interface.

Pearltrees is a great way to organize your interests. It allows you to save files, web pages, and photos. You can even browse and share other people’s collections to find new items. You can also collaborate with other people who share your interest and create teams.

While Pinterest is the most popular social networking app, there are other similar apps that you can download for your phone. Carson is available for iOS and Android devices and has similar features. You can also download PearlTrees, Dribbble, FoodGawker, Hometalk, and other apps. Using the social networking app Pearltrees allows you to organize your content, save web pages, and discover new content.


Juxtapost is an app that lets you create and share postboards with other people. It also has an export feature so you can use the information in other ways, such as planning a trip or buying a new item. Like Pinterest, Juxtapost has a lot of feminine content. Men may want to use a different app, such as Dudepins.

Juxtapost allows you to save things you like in categories. It also allows you to promote your own contents and drop comments on others’ posts. Juxtapost is easy to use and has many features that are similar to those found on Pinterest. There are also a variety of ways you can label and order your posts, making it a convenient way to find similar content.


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