A Blast from the Past: Apple iPhone 4 in 2024

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The Apple iPhone 4, released in June 2010, was a revolutionary device that redefined smartphones. While significantly outdated by today’s standards, it’s still interesting to revisit its features and cultural impact.

Design and Display

The iPhone 4 introduced a sleek and sophisticated design with a stainless steel frame and glass front and back. At the time, it was the thinnest smartphone available, boasting a premium look and feel. The 3.5-inch Retina display, with its then-impressive 640×960 pixel resolution, offered sharp visuals and text clarity.

Performance and Software

The iPhone 4 was powered by Apple’s A4 processor, a significant leap from its predecessors. It provided smooth performance for everyday tasks and popular apps of the era. However, by 2024 standards, its 512MB of RAM and aging processor would struggle with modern applications and multitasking. The iPhone 4 shipped with iOS 4, introducing features like multitasking and app folders that are commonplace today. However, the latest iOS version it can support is iOS 7.1.2, leaving it vulnerable to security risks and incompatible with many apps.


The iPhone 4 sported a 5-megapixel rear camera, a significant upgrade from previous iPhones. It captured decent photos in good lighting conditions and offered 720p HD video recording, a novelty at the time. The front-facing VGA camera, however, was mainly for video calling over Wi-Fi.


Despite its limitations in 2024, the iPhone 4’s impact on the smartphone industry cannot be understated. It popularized the high-resolution Retina display, sleek design elements, and FaceTime video calling. It paved the way for future iPhones and continues to be a collector’s item for enthusiasts.

Is the iPhone 4 Still Usable Today?

In 2024, the iPhone 4 is not recommended for everyday use. Its outdated hardware and software limit its functionality and security. Upgrading to a current iPhone model offers significant improvements in performance, camera quality, app compatibility, and security features.

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