Line Theme

Samsung Line Theme” refers to a custom theme that can be applied to Samsung devices running the Android operating system. The Line Theme is a type of theme that is available for download from the Samsung Theme Store.

Once downloaded and applied, the Line Theme changes the appearance of the user interface on the device, including the home screen, app icons, and menus. The theme typically features a specific color scheme, font style, and background image, giving the device a unique look and feel.

Samsung devices come with a range of pre-installed themes, but users can also download additional themes from the Samsung Theme Store to customize their device further. The Samsung Theme Store offers a variety of themes in different styles and colors, including Line Themes, abstract themes, and nature themes, among others.

In summary, the Samsung Line Theme is a customized theme that can be applied to Samsung devices, providing a unique look and feel to the device’s user interface.

Line Theme

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Colorful Painted Retro Theme

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