Touch Lock – screen lock app review

Do you ever get tired of accidentally pressing buttons on your phone while you’re using it? Do you often find yourself calling someone or opening an app unintentionally because of a mistaken touch on your screen? If yes, then the Touch Lock app might just be the solution you’re looking for.


Touch Lock is a mobile app that provides a convenient solution to accidental touches on your phone. It works by locking your screen, disabling all touch functions and button presses, except for the specific areas of the screen that you choose to allow touch input. In this article, we’ll discuss the features of the Touch Lock app, its usability, and its overall performance.

Features of Touch Lock

The Touch Lock app is loaded with features that are designed to enhance your phone’s usability. Here are some of the key features:

Customizable touch area

The app allows you to select a specific area of your screen where touch input will be allowed. This means that you can use your phone without any accidental touches or unwanted button presses, while still having access to the features you need.


The app has an auto-lock feature that automatically locks your phone after a set amount of time. This is particularly useful if you often forget to lock your phone after use, as it ensures that your phone remains secure and private.

Accessible settings

Touch Lock’s settings are easy to access, with a simple and intuitive interface. You can quickly enable or disable the app’s features, adjust the lock time, and select the touch area with just a few taps.


Unlike many other similar apps, Touch Lock is completely free of advertisements, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted experience.

Usability and Performance

The Touch Lock app is incredibly user-friendly and easy to use. Its simple interface makes it easy for users to customize the app according to their preferences. The app runs smoothly and does not have any noticeable impact on the phone’s performance.

Pros and Cons

Like any app, Touch Lock has its pros and cons.


  • Easy to use and set up
  • Customizable touch area
  • Auto-lock feature ensures security
  • Ad-free


  • May take some time to get used to using the touch area
  • Cannot be used with fingerprint or face recognition lock


Touch Lock is an innovative screen lock app that provides a convenient solution to accidental touches on your phone. With its customizable touch area and auto-lock feature, it offers a seamless user experience. Although it may take some time to get used to using the touch area, overall, the app is easy to use and provides a valuable solution to a common problem.

Touch Lock – screen lock App

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