Xiaomi 14 Pro Stock Wallpapers in 4K


Xiaomi has released its latest flagship smartphone, the Xiaomi 14 Pro, and with it comes a set of beautiful new stock wallpapers. The wallpapers are available in 4K resolution, making them perfect for showing off the phone’s stunning AMOLED display.

There are a total of 10 stock wallpapers included with the Xiaomi 14 Pro. The wallpapers feature a variety of abstract designs, as well as some more natural scenes. Some of our personal favorites include the “Abstract Blue” wallpaper, which features a vibrant blue and pink background with wavy lines, and the “Night Sky” wallpaper, which shows a starry night sky from above some mountains.

If you’re looking to give your phone a new look, be sure to check out the Xiaomi 14 Pro stock wallpapers. They’re available to download for free from the link below.

Xiaomi 14 Pro stock wallpapers in 4K

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